About Me

IMG_0163Molly Clark is a school librarian whose primary goal in life is to smash the librarian stereotype. Regrettably she had to succumb to bifocals last year but remains determined to avoid all other stereotypical characteristics. She had her first leadership experience in the US Air Force back when the Soviet Union was still a thing. She left the military to become a teacher- librarian, where her drill instructor voice occasionally comes in handy. The best part of her job is watching her students grow from non-reading kindergarteners to sixth graders who can teach her a thing or two. The kids will tell you that her  most annoying habit is asking “Why?” or “How do you know?” and that she refuses to tell them the answers to anything.

The name of her blog comes from her very first library job. She was a page at Corning Public Library while in high school.

When not in school she can often be seen walking her beagle, Bella, around town or training for some race or another.


One thought on “About Me

  1. We have a Bella too! About 4 months ago, we found her, starving, left at the home of some people who had gone to Australia for months and just left her behind. She really was just skin and bones. Now… surprise! She’s a beautiful golden retriever! Give your Bella a pat for me 🙂 Barbara

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