Why I love my job!

Why I love my job!

I’ve been running an after school robotics club for the past several months despite having almost zero knowledge of robotics. I started with blind faith that the kids and I would figure it out – emphasis on kids. The last official day is tomorrow and it’s been successful beyond my wildest dreams. I’ve watched the kids invent, plan, build, troubleshoot, adjust, and grow. When they learned there was going to be a school talent show they wanted to enter a robot and the last month has been a whirlwind of building and programming.

As it became clear to them that their robots wouldn’t be seen well on the stage, they (with a nudge from the talent show director and me) decided that videotaping their show would be a better option. However, a group of amateur videographers working with older iPads weren’t able to capture the true essence of the shows these young perfectionists had designed.To my surprise and delight, one group decided to build a special robot that could carry and iPod Touch and capture the action from the floor. The small robot you see in the upper half of the screen is the “camera-bot.”

That’s the only video I’m free to share before the big premiere tomorrow night, but I’m just so impressed with the innovation and tenacity of these young people. I couldn’t wait to share a sneak peak. It gives me hope for the future.



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