My Bia has arrived!

My Bia has arrived!

Well over a year ago I heard about a new GPS watch especially for female runners.  It was called the Bia and it was still in development at that time. I was interested because of its unique SOS feature which claimed you could call for help with the touch of a button and your location would be sent along with your SOS.

A few months later, a colleague of mine was brutally murdered and I knew I had to have a Bia.

I’ve been waiting for months for it to arrive and today was the big day! A couple events conspired to prevent me from testing it with a real run,  but I couldn’t wait to share my initial impressions.

First, I adore the cylindracal package! It’s very minimal with almost no paperwork (aka waste).

ImageEverything I needed to know about setting up was on the website and it was easy as pie! My Bia was ready to go within 30 minutes (though it felt like forever while I was waiting).

I won’t go into the details that cut a run out of my schedule for the evening, but I couldn’t wait to try it out, so I took with me while I walked the dog.  I tried the alert button and this is the message my husband received, along with the one he got when I cancelled the alert.

Image     Image

I love that I can cancel the SOS. I think I’ll be more inclined to actually use the SOS as soon as I feel uncomfortable knowing I can easily cancel it.

The Go Stick is quite a bit bigger than I expected, but still far smaller than my iPhone and I’m sure it’s much more durable. I took advantage of the engraving offered by Bia and I love that. I had my cell phone number put on it in case it is ever lost and I wish my watch was also engraved!

Finally, the one thing I really didn’t think through is the only problem I have with my Bia. See, I hate wearing any kind of jewelry when I run. I take off my wedding rings. Even stud earrings drive me crazy. So, wearing this watch is going to take some getting used to.




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