I sat down to work on my Cool Tools assignments this evening.  I really don’t know how anyone in this class gets anything done! There are just so many great websites, tools, and ideas out there!

The very first Pinterest board I looked at led me to this graphic that I loved so much I spent the next hour working on my own version. (which I somehow lost…grr) The graphic led me to Bobcatblog, which could easily lead me down another path if I let it.

I tried to reign myself in and returned to the Cool Tools blog to see what else there is to try. There is just too much! Look at all the tabs I have open! There are more that you can’t see – I have to scroll side to side to find them all. Every open tab is a website that I want to explore further. I know if I close the tab, I’ll forget to back, even if I do put it in my favorites. (It’s happened before – looking at my favorites is like a little Christmas every time.) I have to stop. I have to figure out a better system. I have to find a few more hours in each day. How do you manage to keep on top of all the new technology and tools out there? How do you stay on top the multitude of great blogs and professional reading? How do you NOT feel completely inadequate when you see all the fabulous things other teacher librarians are accomplishing?


4 thoughts on “Overwhelmed!

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one overwhelmed by it all. I figure if I learn one new web tool a month and pass it on to a teacher who will use it, I’m doing well.

    On the technical side, you have an abandoned The in your first paragraph. It would be nice if your links opened in a new tab because, like you, I tend to wander and don’t want to forget to read the rest of your post.

  2. I think I’ve just gotten used to feeling overwhelmed? Like you, I bookmark tons of stuff that I never get back to. I leave tabs open all the time and then after a really thorough browser crash, they’re all gone. Sometimes that’s a relief! The one thing I do that sometimes works is create notes/folders in Evernote for specific projects. It’s how I’ve been gathering resources for the “things”. I used them the way I used to use paper folders – articles, scribbled notes, links, etc. – all tossed in together, just waiting for me when I need to work on a new project.

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