AASL in review. Sort of. More to follow.

AASL in review. Sort of. More to follow.

This morning, as I attempted to write my conference reflection in my head, I decided that the closing session of these big conferences should include 20-30 minutes for silent reflection. Time dedicated to just pausing and digesting everything that was taken in over the previous three days. After the day I’ve had, I believe in this idea even more.

I feel like I haven’t stopped moving since early Thursday morning when I left home at 7:00 am! I became ill shortly after the closing session with Peter Bregman. (Should I even tell you that this post was delayed by 10 minutes as I took the quiz on his website, then liked his FB page and made sure I was following him on twitter?) Clearly, I need to implement his strategies for “mastering distraction.”

Anyway, the conference ended on sour note for me and I lost the entire evening on Saturday when I would normally do a lot of initial sorting and processing. My carpool companions were entertaining on the long ride home, but all of the conversation didn’t allow for time to reflect and digest all the new ideas. When I got home there were piles of chores to catch up on to get ready for school today.

“No worries,” I thought. Monday is a light day on the schedule and there will be plenty of time in the morning to sort through my goodies and start planning how to share my most important discoveries. HA! Was I wrong!

As I approached my building this morning, I thought the entry looked curiously dark, and discovered that the power was out. The decision was made to carry on as usual, despite the darkness. I won’t go into the details of the day except to say that, except for the 15 minutes in which I gobbled my lunch, my day was a constant stream of problem solving and modifying on the fly.

I’m so glad I took lots of pictures in the Idea Exchange on Thursday afternoon, because, to be honest, I had actually completely forgotten that entire event! I emailed myself links and notes from each session as they were taking place, so I won’t lose precious notes in the two totes bags of ‘stuff’ I brought home, but as the conference drifts into the past, I wish I had taken more time at the actual event to do some digesting.

What do you think? Would you benefit from some built in reflection time, or do you manage to make it happen yourself? If you make it happen, how do you do it?


One thought on “AASL in review. Sort of. More to follow.

  1. Time to digest it all is a good idea! I never get around to writing up notes and I always feel guilty about it. But if it’s on the schedule, I think everyone will just end up going out to dinner or for a drink. 🙂 Thanks for the links to the Peter Bregman sites, now off to get distracted by them.

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