2013 Picture Book Month Shelf Challenge

2013 Picture Book Month Shelf Challenge

I’m always looking for new ways to get my students involved in these “celebration” months. This year I created an opening lines challenge bulletin board, and I had already started worrying about what I would do next year. I like this idea. I may be all set for 2014!

Expect the Miraculous

November is Picture Book Month.  It’s a month to study the fine art of picture books and their importance in our lives no matter what our age.  We’e been celebrating Picture Book Month since its creation 3 years ago by author Dianne de Las Casas.  Each year, she rounds up a month-long celebration with posts by numerous authors each describing the importance of picture books in our lives.

Each year our own celebration grows.  This year, we are holding a shelf challenge.  Last year, Matthew Winner (aka The Busy Librarian) did a shelf challenge for School Library Month, so we are borrowing his model and modifying it for Picture Book Month.    Here are our “rules”:

Who can participate:

  • Any students, teachers, or families at Barrow!


Where to find picture books:

  • Any book in the Everybody section

  • Any book in 398.2 or 811

  • Any book in the holiday section

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