Going Sugar Free?

Going Sugar Free?

Well, not 100% sugar free, that would not be possible. Sugar is in the sneakiest places! Did you know that an 11 oz can of Low Sodium V8 has over 10 grams of sugar?

I am a sugar addict, in the worst way.  It’s nothing for me to eat 3 candy bars in a day.  I can eat an entire package of cookies or pound of M&M’s in a day, and, since I’m writing about it, I may as well admit that I do so on a somewhat regular basis. My enemies right now are those Cadbury Mini-Eggs and Girl Scout cookies. I am guilty of hiding my stash, in much the same way an alcoholic hides her bottles.  It’s a sick, sad, family joke about finding cookies in my closet, dresser drawers, or under my bed.

I’ve been running for over a year now.  I completed the Iron Girl triathalon in August and two half marathons. I am healthier in so many ways, but my belly is still soft and puffy, and from what I’ve read, sugar bears much of the blame.

Both of my parents were functioning alcoholics, and I count my blessings everyday that I avoided that trap, but sugar is so much more pervasive. The temptation is everywhere.  My healthy Kashi Go-Lean is directly across the grocery aisle from my beloved Vienna Fingers.  Ezekial Bread is a few freezer doors beyond the ice cream and frozen cakes. There is no way to get to the eggs without passing baked goods.

Today is the first day since I honestly can’t remember when that no candy and no cookie passed these lips. The grocery store was difficult, but I went later in the day and by that time I decided to just see if I could do it for one day.

And I did!  I made it through one entire day! I’ve done this before.  My longest streak was 17 days. The trick is going to be finding a replacement. Cookies comfort me. Well, they used to.  Now that I’ve been running for awhile, I don’t get the same pleasure from my treats as in the past, and that makes me sad and a little scared. I know it’s time to let it go, but do I have the strength to do it?


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