The countdown begins

The countdown begins

My second half marathon, the Lake Effect Half is in less than 48 hours and I’m realizing that I haven’t really given any thought to preparing for the big day.  I don’t know what I’m wearing. I don’t have a meal plan for tomorrow. I haven’t begun to prepare a playlist.  This experience is almost the polar opposite of  my first half, The Wineglass, last September.

My running mates and I spent hours debating our outfits for The Wineglass.  We went with Sparkle Skirts and rainbow race legs. Since the race was in my hometown, I wore my ancient Senior Class (of 1984!) t-shirt.  I created a playlist a couple of weeks early and we tested it on a long run so we could tweak it. We had the whole experience planned out well ahead of time and left nothing to chance. It was a first 13.1 race for all three of us and we had a great time.

Half Marathon, take two. Outfit? Eh. Maybe.  Music? What music? I just don’t really care. It’s just a another run; it’s not like I haven’t run 13 miles before. It’s kind of disappointing.

There are other factors playing into my mood right now, but I wonder if this is how it is after the first time? Do you still get excited before a big race, or has it become “old hat?”


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