Collaboration and Survey Tools

Collaboration and Survey Tools

I admit, I was lax about blogging about the collaboration and survey tools, for two reasons. First, I am pretty comfortable using these tools. Second, I don’t really have time to learn tools that won’t be useful to me in school. I’ve heard great things about Dropbox, and a few colleagues have sent me invitations to join, but it is blocked at school. I am curious about it, but I don’t have time right now to learn something that I won’t be able to apply.

I’ve used google docs to collaborate with colleagues for a few different presentations, and I really wish Google would change their TOS so that I could legally use it with my 5th and 6th graders. I’d love to set them up with accounts and start teaching them not only about working collaboratively, but also managing their information online. Sigh.

Did you know that Prezi is collaborative as well? This fall a group of us started presentation using google docs, and switched over to prezi. I’m not a big fan of prezi, but for the purposes of our project, it worked well. Students could use this tool as well.  Maybe next year…

I’ve used both SurveyMonkey and GoogleForms to create surveys.  I like both, but for me, GoogleForms is more intuitive.  I’ve created forms for the students to vote for their favorite books, for teachers to request materials, and for scheduling purposes.

It sounds like I need to give doodle another chance.  We used it to organize volunteers for our local bookmobile last year and I was less than impressed. I would like a better way to manage the library schedule. 


2 thoughts on “Collaboration and Survey Tools

  1. Thanks for sticking it out through the whole course with us! I’m glad you’ve found some new tools you can use, and found some ways you can use them at your school. Good point about Google’s terms of service not making it legal to use with elementary students.

  2. I used Google calendar for our library until we started using Hotmail as a school. I liked Google calendar for its simplicity. Teachers were able to book time that I didn’t have blocked out and I would receive an email. The calendar with Hotmail works the same way; they book the library (and the labs) as a resource and I get an email.

    Works great for the basic stuff. I love it for the lab bookings – after I set them up at the beginning of the year I’m done (unless there are issues).

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