Bookmarking Fun

Bookmarking Fun

Well who would have thought beautiful weather would hinder my progress with this project? It’s March in Central New York. Typically still too cold and gloomy for anything outdoors.  I thought this would be a great time to brush up on my technology skills. Wrong! The weather has been delightful so I’ve been very neglectful of my computer this week.

When I saw the suggested tools for this week, I promised myself to finally dive into LiveBinder. And I will.  But for the sake of getting this post done, I’m going to blog about my experience with Evernote and Pinterest. 

I signed up for Evernote this summer when I was taking a class at SU.  I appreciated its convenience as a note-taking tool, but I never quite figured out to use the webclipper tool.  I haven’t used it since that class, although I have been grateful for the fact that I could access those class notes from any computer.  I have the app on my phone and I think I just need to remember to use it. Even without the webclipper, Evernote is a handy place to keep notes. 

Pinterest took some time grow on me.  I can truthfully say that I don’t share the addiction that I hear so much about, but I do enjoy it.  My light bulb moment came when I was browsing an online school supply catalog and found some fabulous bulletin board paper.  I knew I would want to use it sometime and was wondering how to remember where to find it when I noticed my little “pin it” button in my tool bar. Ah ha!  I could “pin it” in January and easily find it in August when I’m planning my new bulletin boards. I think my favorite boards are the school idea and fitness boards. I’m not sure what it says about me that I rarely see anything I like on the fashion boards. I mean, is my taste that far out of whack with the rest of the world???

I’m looking forward to seeing what the rest of you are “pinning.”  Now I’m going to introduce myself to LiveBinber…


5 thoughts on “Bookmarking Fun

  1. Hurrah for your nice weather! The nice thing about these materials and tools is that you can always come back to them. So when “Mother Nature” is crooking a finger to come and play outdoors, you know that these materials will be available for you to catch up with when you have time.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with Evernote and Pinterest. For me it’s during “on the go” times that I really appreciate my bookmarking tools. I can “pin” or “clip” things on the go, which these days more and more is via mobile device. So even when I am not at a workstation I am still able to bookmark/pin/clip places I need to return to, and have everything synced for me when I am next on a computer! It’s pretty awesome. And if I wanted I can blog and share resources from wherever I might be, using the WordPress app on my mobile device, and email a post.

    LiveBinders is great. As you note with favorites on Pinterest, there are many other users’ projects and uses to check out for inspiration and to build into your a personal learning network. Hope you enjoy, and let us know what you think!

  2. I find that everything is a time-sucker. It;s nice out and I want to walk, not be on the computer. I like Pinterest, bit only marginally. Should I quilt or be at the computer?

    1. I LOVE quilting! But I have to say that since I started working again my fabric pile has been sadly neglected. I have stopped going into my sewing room … it calls to me.

      It was a beautiful day here in Winnipeg too – and I spent it inside working on a dinner theatre at my school – foiled agaiin!

      About your bookmarking experience: remember not every tool will work for you. For me, I find the tools that “stick” are the ones that I use personally or in my work life. Evernote, LiveBinders, and Delicious have worked for me because of the pathfinders I do for teachers. I like the material to be “live” for the students and appreciate being able to use the same sources for similar materials. Most of all, I love to find bookmarks other educators have used for the same topic – huge time saver!

      Educators are the best recylers and reusers. We aren’t very good at the reducing part, though.

      Enjoy the sunshine. Schools starts again Monday.

  3. I’m finding that I really like LiveBinders for the websites I know I want to look up later, exactly like the school supplies you mention. It’s good to have the choice to keep those private, or make them public. With sites that just look interesting to get back to at some point, I tend to save them in Read It Later or StumbleUpon.

  4. I find it interesting that we all gravitate toward certain tools. I’ve used LiveBinder, and I absolutely see the usefulness of it, but once I tried Pinterest, I was hooked. I believe I am addicted to it. Some of the other tools that people love I don’t care about much, but that one I find totally cool.

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